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Friday, July 2, 2010

Irish organic guidelines on washing eggs

Here is the IOFGA official answer to my request to outline whether eggs are being washed in a chlorine solution as is customary here in the US:
Any of the egg packing plants I've ever inspected don't wash the eggs at all, it's not standard practice as far as I'm aware, although I'm not sure what they do at farm level. Where water is chlorinated for any kind of washing, the chlorine level would be much lower, generally max 2 ppm. Sometimes chlorinated water is used for washing saladleaves and it's usually 0.5 to 2 ppm. Depending on the size of the
factory, concentrated sodium hypochlorite is dosed automatically into the required water supply or else chlorine tablets are used with a certain number of tablets in a certain amount of water to give the required dosage.
Hope this is of some help,
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From: IOFGA@Eircom.Net

Different countries different guidelines.

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